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Welcome to our governors' section.

The governing body is made up from parents, the community, staff and the local authority (LA).  Some governors are elected and other governors are appointed.  However, all governors are responsible as a corporate body to all stakeholders: parents, the children, the staff, the community and the LA.  Governors are all volunteers and are not paid for their work.

The full governing body meets termly.  Some of its responsibilities are delegated to committees which have their own meetings.

School governors make collective decisions as part of the governing body whose main function is to help raise the educational standards and performance of a school by supporting the work of the head teacher and staff.  Governors make important decisions on how a school will be run.

The main roles are:

1. To provide a strategic view - To help with school improvement so that  pupils learn effectively.

2. To act as a "critical friend" - To provide the head teacher and staff with support.  "Critical" means asking questions to monitor the school's effectiveness.  "Friend" means that governors support the staff and the school.

3. To ensure accountability - The governing body is responsible for ensuring high quality education for all pupils.  Governors are accountable for the school's performance.

Some of the things expected of governors include:

*Promoting high standards of achievement

*Planning the school's long-term future

*Setting the school's aims, values and ethos

*Budgetary allocation and control

*Appointing senior staff

Meet the Governors

Goxhill and East Halton Schools’ Federation Governing Body


                                                           Appointed by                         End of term of office


Jeff Teasdale (Chair)                        (Local Authority Governor)                  23/06/2017

Theresa Bruce (Vice Chair)             (co-opted Governor)                             7/07/2017

Caroline Breslin (Head teacher)    

Iris Adams                                        (co-opted Governor)                             8/05/2018

Justin Atkin                                       (co-opted Governor)                             09/07/2017

Stephen Bennett                               (co-opted Governor)                            3/07/2017

Martin Cawkwell                               (co-opted Governor)                            3/07/2017

Martin Coffey                                    (co-opted Governor)                                    7/11/19

Sharon Coulam (staff)                      (co-opted Governor)                             04/07/2017

Terry Everson                                   (co-opted Governor)                            13/08/2018

Steve Fox (staff)                               (co-opted Governor)                              16/12/19

Rosemarie Guggiari                          (co-opted Governor)                             4/07/2017

Simon Halliwell                                 (co-opted Governor)                             04/07/2017

Jayne Hutton                                     (Elected Parent Governor)                      14/07/2017

Andrew Mitchell                                 (co-opted Governor)                            03/07/2017

Cliff Scott                                           (co-opted Governor)                           10/07/2017

Laurie Teasdale (staff)                      (Elected staff Governor)                      01/09/2017

David Wells                                        (co-opted Governor)                          12/05/2019





Combined Total       20


 Vacancies                   4


Composition of Governing Body

  • 2     Parent governors (Goxhill Primary x 1, East Halton Primary x 1)
  • 1     Staff governor
  • 1     Head teacher
  • 1     Local Authority governor
  • 19   Co-opted governors (max.no.from staff is 6; Goxhill x3,East Halton x3.

In the event that either school is unable to satisfy the criterion then the place can be filled by someone meeting the criterion from the other school)


                                                                                            Total Governors - 24


Nadine Dunthorpe: Clerk